Families Workshop

This guide is intended to assist facilitators in introducing Newcomers as they begin to explore the foundational history of Indigenous nations and their historical and contemporary contributions to the development of Canada.

This exploration is centred around the traditional family structures of Indigenous peoples, placing them in both historical and contemporary contexts.

The subtitle of the guide is ‘ilagiit’ which means ‘family’ in Inuktitut. Family – which includes extended kinships, social bonds, and attachments to both community and land – are central to Indigenous ways of life.

The activities are meant to fortify Immigration Partnership Winnipeg’s mandate, which include commitments to:

  • active participation and undertaking of tasks in a participatory manner
  • and supporting the settlement and integration of immigrants.

When combined with leadership, teaching, and self-exploration, the following activities are intended to support personal growth and solidarity, and aid Newcomers in being active 21st Canadian citizens. The one-day day workshop encompasses a number of practical activities

Each activity includes an introduction, a list of outcomes, step-by-step process for delivery, and suggested essential questions meant to encourage collegial dialogue, promote active engagement, and foster a culture of collective responsibility.

The tasks offer information on Indigenous perspectives on family, kinship, care of children, and familial links between the past, present, and future. This content knowledge is fortified with the development of skills that sharpen participants’ critical thinking and self-reflection.

The activities encourage critical consideration of differing viewpoints, with an emphasis on Indigenous perspectives; they also provide openings to apply new learnings to participants’ personal identity and life experiences.

“If your dad and my dad were brothers, you are not my first cousin, you are my sister,
and your children are my children, they’re not my nieces and nephews.” 
Kahkakew Larocque, Frog Lake Cree Nation, AB

The Facilitator Guide is available by clicking the image below