Land and Treaties

Askii Akawa Asotamaatowin

Land and Treaties Workshop

This guide is intended to assist facilitators in introducing newcomers to the foundational history of Indigenous nations and their historical and contemporary contributions to the development of Canada.

The subtitle of this guide is Askii Akawa Asotamaatowin. It is Cree for Land and Treaties, and speaks to the intent of making sacred promises. This
exploration is centred around First Nations’ and Métis Nation perspectives on land and Treaties.

 The activities are meant to fortify Immigration Partnership Winnipeg’s mandate, which include commitments to:

• active participation and undertaking of tasks in a participatory manner
• and supporting the settlement and integration of immigrants.


When combined with leadership, teaching, and self-exploration, the following activities are intended to support personal growth and solidarity, and help Newcomers contribute to community reconciliation efforts.

This one-day day workshop encompasses a number of practical activities. Each activity includes an introduction,a list of outcomes, step-by-step process for delivery, and suggested essential questions meant to encourage collegial dialogue, promote active engagement, and foster a culture of collective responsibility.

The tasks offer information on historical Treaties in Canada, Indigenous people’s enduring relationships with land, modern Treaties, and land protection efforts. This knowledge is fortified with the development of skills that sharpen participants’ critical thinking and communication.

“Sitting in corners wringing hands and wondering what to do is not going to advance anything, including yourself.
Read the calls to action, and as you go through them one at a time ask yourself: do I belong in this call?”
DR. MARIE WILSON – Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner

The Facilitator Guide is available by clicking the image below.